Detect-Deny-Destroy: Preemptive Self Defense

There are several components or evolutions of pre-emptive self-defense.  Some of which are so obvious they could be called just plain common sense.  Some others are much more subtle and require an ability to read a situation and adjust or modify your role in the interaction and/or manipulate the behavior of attackers or bad guy to your advantage.


These three words precisely sum up the essential objectives of what the concept of pre-emptive self-defense is all about.  These three objectives, the same objectives used to protect us from terrorist attacks, are as effective for personal self-protection as they are when used in protecting our country.

There are several steps you can take to make them work just as effectively for you.

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The first things I’m going to discuss are the levels of mental preparedness as defined by Colonel Jeff Cooper, perhaps the greatest influence on modern gun fighting and the teaching of shooting skills of the 20th century.  Colonel Cooper devised a way to quantify and categorize the different states of mental preparedness that you are in, from a completely relaxed, unaware state of mind to the state of engaging in lethal action.

He developed a color code; White, Yellow, Orange and Red and used it to describe the escalating states of self-preparedness.

In the Colonel’s own words:


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