DETROIT FREE PRESS: Puts Pro-Terror Imam on Front Page to Protest…

detroit-imamPerfect poster child, Detroit.

The liberal media is apoplectic over White America and Donald Trump.

Trump’s a racist, Republicans are Islamophobes and the entire country is a wellspring of bigotry and hatred.

Right? Right?

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So to prove this point, The Detroit Free Press ran a front-page editorial (right above a story about a robot butler, FrontPageMag points out) condemning Donald Trump, his followers and anyone concerned about Radical Islam and terrorism.

detroit free press full cover

One huge problem: Their photo accompanying the article is of a known terrorist sympathizer.

Is there a worse picture to put with this story? Maybe bin Laden?

Imam Husham Al-Husayni tells his fellow Muslims to “get ready for holy jihad.” He has refused to denounce the terrorist group Hezbollah and celebrates the murder of Jews.

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