DHS: ‘Terror Attack’ in Pennsylvania

Friday afternoon a string of shootings occurred in downtown Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, by a man named Ahmed Aminamin El-Mofty. All the people targeted were police officers. According to Penn Live “several shots” were fired at a capitol police car.

Luckily the officer inside escaped unscathed by the attack.

Thirty minutes after this initial attack, El-Mofty then shot at a PA state trooper who was struck by a bullet. She pursued El-Mofty in a car chase and at some point the gunman fled his car, shooting at other officers who joined in the pursuit. They were able to shot and kill El-Mofty before he inflicted anymore attacks.


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Now, the Department of Homeland Security is call the attack terrorism. Tyler Houlton, the DHS Press Secretary, released a statement on Saturday saying that this incident clearly proves the Trump administration’s “concerns with extended family chain migration,” continuing to say, “Both chain migration and the diversity visa lottery program have been exploited by terrorists to attack our country.”

The public statement revealed that El-Mofty entered the U.S. from Egypt and became a naturalized citizen through a family-based immigration visa from a distant relative.



Houlton did not state whether the DHS believed El-Mofty was connected or inspired by any terror organizations like ISIS or Hezbollah.

The District Attorned for Dauphin County, Ed Marisco, indicated that it was clear El-Mofty was targeting cops. Local news station WGAL-TV reported that his family had no idea he was in PA still. According to them, he had been estranged from them and living back in his home country of Egypt.


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