DIAGNOSED WITH CANCER: One Farmer’s Harvest was Going to Go to Waste Until THIS Happened

Screen Shot 2015-10-09 at 8.49.30 AMThis is amazing!

When Dan Bates voiced concern that his cousin Carl Bates needed help due to cancer, he never expected the response he’d receive. Over forty people from the close knit town of Galva, Illinois showed up to help.

“It fills us with pride to be from here,” Jason Bates (another cousin of Carl) told The Huffington Post. “It shows how many good, selfless people there still are in this country.”

As cancer slowed down Carl and prevented him from getting his fields harvested this fall, his family grew concerned about what would happen to his 450 acres of corn.

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It started when Dan spoke with some of Carl’s neighbors, and Dan said “it just exploded from there.”

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