Dictator Mugabe CAUGHT Snoozing During International Conference, His Excuse is HILARIOUS!

When you are a (cruel) dictator, you’re used to getting your way. And people just accepting it.

But what may work in your country, doesn’t work on the global stage. Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe is finding this out the hard way after he decided he needed a little nap…in the middle of an international conference!

A spokesman for the 93-year-old dictator recently fired back at critics. Guess what he had to say…

He said that Mugabe wasn’t sleeping, rather, just closing his eyes to protect them from bright lights.

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Just so you can get the full impact for how silly this is, here’s a picture of what Mugabe looked like while “protecting his eyes”.

He also was protecting his spine. Don’t want that to get too straight!

“I feel like a failure when there is this reading that the president is sleeping in conferences, no,” Charamba told state-owned Herald newspaper.

“George Charamba was quoted by the state-owned Herald newspaper as saying that Mr. Mugabe travels regularly to Singapore to receive specialised treatment for an eye condition,” reports BBC Africa. “He added that ‘the rest of his body gets attended to’ in Zimbabwe by a physician who is not only Zimbabwean but ‘is actually black.”

A dictator who has run his country into the ground, Mugabe travels to Singapore to receive treatment because he doesn’t the dilapidated hospitals in his home country, say critics.

“Mugabe’s weakening health is being watched carefully in this southern African nation,” notes AP. “Images of him struggling to walk on a red carpet and toppling from a raised lectern in 2015 have trended on social media and become the butt of jokes.”

The Daily Wire

Mugabe isn’t only old, he doesn’t give two hoots about diplomacy or his country’s well-being.

We are talking about the guy who blew $1 million on his birthday party while over a quarter of his citizens starved!

We know it’s not polite to laugh at the elderly, but when they are cruel and give dumb@ss excuses, we don’t feel bad.


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