Dictator Imprisons American Journalist for ‘Trying to Overthrow the Government’ by Sending Out a Tweet

‘President’ Robert Mugabe has had an American woman thrown in jail for sending out a tweet that was critical of the Zimbabwean leader.

What were the charges? Suspicion of trying to overthrow the country’s government, aka she insulted Mugabe and he didn’t like it.

Martha O’Donovan, 25yr-old graduate from NYU, was taken into custody Friday morning at her home located near the country’s capital, Harare.

According to Zimbabwean authorities, on October 11th Martha tweeted that Mugabe is a ‘very selfish and sick man’. Claiming also that he was surviving by a catheter.

The anonymous Twitter account @matigary was allegedly traced back to her through an IP address. The account shows no signs of the post, however, and has deleted all its posts before October 27th.

Via the Daily Mail: On Saturday, O’Donovan was held in custody after a brief court hearing and she must now wait until November 15 to return to court. Her lawyers say they will appeal for her to be granted bail at the High Court on Monday. 


The Twitter account police say she was behind was still active on Friday and Saturday despite the fact that Martha, who is from Martinsville, New Jersey, was in custody. 

O’Donovan, a graduate of NYU, has been in Zimbabwe for the last year working for the local TV network Magamba and bar tending. 

As news of her arrest emerged on Friday, a #FreeMartha social media campaign calling for her release went viral.

Martha has been living in the southern African country over a year now and works for a local media outlet called Magamba TV and also bartends.

The network produces ‘satirical comedy sensations’. Prior to working there Martha worked for The Children’s Radio Foundation.


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