Aren’t socialists the touchy, feely, type that care about people? Guess not…

This perfectly exemplifies just how far the left has gone. They’ve angrily forced Hillary Clinton to apologize for honoring Nancy Reagan’s “very effective, low key advocacy about the HIV/AIDS epidemic when nobody would talk about it.” When a tweet wasn’t enough, she had to apologize in long form.

It Still wasn’t enough for Bernie Sanders.

“I’m glad she apologized,” Sanders said on Sunday. “But the truth is, it was not President Reagan and Nancy Reagan who were leaders in talking about this issue, quite the contrary. They refused to allow that discussion to take place. They didn’t get involved in it while so many fellow Americans were getting sick and dying.”

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So here we are. The left can’t even tolerate one of their own rank-and-file members offering even the slightest of praise to their political opposition. I’m sure that Hillary thought with the death of an American icon, a small compliment toward Nancy Reagan would be seen benign enough. Wrong. When a Republican dies, leftists circle like buzzards looking to pick the corpse apart. Apparently Hillary didn’t get the memo.

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