DID MEGYN KELLY & DONALD TRUMP: Just Have a Closed Door Meeting?

Rumor has it, yes they did. Check out what the Donald and Megyn are planning.

Megyn Kelly met with Donald Trump earlier today to discuss a special broadcast that will air on Fox News next month.

The Fox News anchor was spotted walking into the private residence entrance of The Donald’s New York City building by an NBC reporter, which a Trump source later confirmed to the network.

Kelly, who said in a Variety interview just last week she had not recently requested an interview from Trump, will speak about her meeting with Trump on her show The Kelly File tonight.

Trump was then photographed later in the day leaving Fox News headquarters in New York City.

The two last came face-to-face during the the Fox News debate in March that was moderated by Kelly.

Fox News later confirmed the meeting as well, saying in a statement; ‘FOX News Chairman & CEO Roger Ailes has spoken to Donald Trump a few times over the past three months about appearing on a Fox Broadcasting special with Megyn Kelly airing on May 23.

‘Kelly requested a meeting with Mr. Trump, which took place at Trump Tower this morning. The results of that meeting will be revealed on tonight’s Kelly File at 9PM/ET.

‘Kelly has acknowledged in recent interviews that Trump is a fascinating person to cover and has electrified the Republican base.’

Trump meanwhile is set to appear on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, Hannity, tonight.

Kelly spoke about the media’s treatment of Trump last Wednesday during an interview with Katie Couric, and suggested that his high poll numbers are the result of the amount of coverage he is given by news programs and journalists.

‘Yes, we all have to worry about numbers to some extent. That’s the reality of TV news in 2016. But we also have to worry about our souls, and journalism,’ Kelly told Couric while being interviewed at the seventh annual Women in the World Summit.

Kelly went on to say that Trump’s rise in the polls seemed to have a direct correlation to his coverage in the media.


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