Did Minneapolis Police Prevent A Terrorist Attack? The Media Thinks…

It’s a sad truth. Many of the terrorist attacks that have happened in recent years could have been avoided.

The people were on watch lists, they had some tell-tale signs.

So, what does the media do when a suspicious situation arises? A situation that is very reminiscent of the acts before various attacks?

Ignore it? Yep, that sounds about right.

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On May 11th, Majid and Abdullah Al Rifahe were stopped by Minneapolis police after they received a call about the men harassing a passerby while in a car.

The men refused to cooperate with police, so they were placed under citizens arrest.

That’s when the police searched the vehicle. What they found would make you think the men were preparing for war.

According to the complaint, the following were found:

  • A hand grenade
  • A Smith and Wesson 9 mm handgun
  • A loaded AK47
  • Another assault rifle
  • Several assault rifle magazines
  • Hundreds of rounds of ammunition ranging from shotgun shells to BB ammunition, and others
  • Several electronic devices, including cell phones, computers, and drone parts

Some pretty heavy equipment.

According to the Pioneer Press, Majid Rifahe was cited for misdemeanor assault and disorderly conduct and released while his brother Abdullah remains in jail on a $200,000 bail for carrying a pistol in public without a permit. As of now, the FBI, Homeland Security, and the Minneapolis Police Department have stated that the matter is currently under investigation.

The incident calls the question following the Manchester bombing, the London terror attacks, and even the Boston Marathon bombings as to what these two brothers were planning at the time the police discovered their weapons. The brothers claimed that they were in the area waiting for a drone to “deliver a package” when they harassed the passerby. While there is no additional information at this time, this story is remarkably suspicious and it seems as if the Minneapolis Police managed to thwart a possible terrorist attack.

The Daily Wire

You would think the media would be all over this!

But no. As Pioneer Press columnist Joe Soucheray wrote:

With the exception of the Star Tribune, I could find no reporting of this story except on websites that can only be described as obscure.


Are their even words for the lack of interest in this case?


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