DISCOVERED: Loophole to Fight Government Tyranny…of Light Bulbs

shutterstock_134403818What many do not realize is that come Jan 1st 2014, the manufacturing or importation of incandescent light bulbs will be illegal in the United States.

The luminous prohibition was set in motion in 2007 with a bill that set strict minimum efficiencies that were impossible for traditional incandescent bulbs to meet.

Much like how gun controllers want to impose end around bans on firearms by requiring technological standards that don’t exist, such as microstamping, so too have the haters of the little bulb that has lit our nights for some 100+ years use standards that are impossible to meet.

The result, once the stockpiles of warm yellow incandescent light bulbs are gone, we as a nation will be FORCED to use those cold dead fluorescent bulbs or dimmer bank breaking LED lights that start at $15 a bulb.

After efforts in Congress to avert the light bulb prohibition (2011 Light Bulb Freedom of Choice Act and Better Use of Light Bulbs Act) and give Americans the freedom to choose how they wish to light their homes failed, we were left with little option other than getting these new bulbs shoved down our throats.  Once again government chips away at the free market and forces itself into our bedrooms…and our dens…and our kitchens.

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And what do we gain by having this regulation forced upon us?  Dead lights and empty wallets.

Not only that though, but the WAY the new lights work can cause risks from migraines to cancer.

Dr. Elma Baron, director in the lasers and photomedicine department at UH Case Medical Center in Cleveland:

“Ultraviolet light is similar to the ultraviolet wavelengths found in natural sunlight, and we do not want huge amounts or extra amounts of ultraviolet light on our skin because it can cause biological effects that can lead to cancer.

Though the doctor would add the risk would be highest when a defect in the coating was present, but the very design of the new bulbs  facilitate a higher likelihood of defects.

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