DISCOVERING THE TRUTH: Minnesota Hunters Find Out the Truth About the Misleading Campaign Designed to Ban Lead Ammunition

ammoThe Minnesota Chapter of the Wildlife Society recently held a panel discussion in Bemidji to discuss banning the use of lead ammunition for hunting.  The panelists included researchers, state Department of Natural Resources personnel, and representatives of various non-profit organizations.  Numerous comments were made by some Minnesota Department of Natural Resources personnel expressing their belief that using lead ammunition for hunting should not be allowed.  This should concern Minnesota hunters greatly.

We need your help NOW.  To preserve our traditional hunting heritage in Minnesota, the National Rifle Association asks all hunters, recreational shooters, gun owners, and true conservationists to oppose a ban on lead ammunition for hunting.  Contact the Minnesota DNR and tell them that you oppose any attempt to ban lead ammunition for hunting.

In 2007, the first hastily-enacted ban on lead ammunition (Assembly Bill (AB) 821) for game hunting was passed in California.  It banned the use of lead ammunition for hunting game in the California condor habitat (aka the “condor zone”).  Despite the California Department of Fish & Wildlife’s acknowledgment that 99% of hunters are complying with the lead ammunition ban in the “condor zone” since the law took effect, the rate of condor lead poisoning and mortality actually increased since 2007!  This failure to reduce condor blood-lead levels, poisoning and mortality suggests that lead ammunition used for hunting was not the source of lead poisoning of condors.

Nonetheless, California recently passed AB 711 expanding AB 821, and lead ammunition ban proponents now cite to the California law to support the expansion of their campaign into Minnesota.  In California, AB 711 will expand the lead ammunition ban by 2019 for all hunting throughout California.  Anti-lead ammunition advocacy groups claim that the passage of this California law is evidence for the need to ban lead ammunition throughout the U.S.

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In California, these groups first used faulty science, scare tactics, and political demagoguery to claim that lead ammunition from hunting was a threat to the California condor.   When they realized that these tactics were not getting enough political traction, they expanded their claims to incredibly assert that using lead ammunition for hunting is a significant threat to human health as well, which is simply not true.

They hope that Minnesota is next in line to ban traditional ammunition.  Some of these California lead ammunition ban proponents are using the same questionable science and scare tactics to claim that hunters’ lead ammunition presents serious health risk threats to the Bald Eagle, Minnesota hunters and their families.  Lead ammunition ban proponents will not stop until Minnesota becomes the next state to ban lead ammunition for all hunting, or until you stop them!

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