DISGUSTING: Look What Happened to US Company That Lobbied for Iran Nuke Deal

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This is enough to make you sick. Check it out. Give us your thoughts below.

By Allen West

Aerospace giant Boeing lobbied hard for the nuclear deal that lifted sanctions on Iran, but the Iranian regime announced on Thursday that it would spend billions to buy aircraft from French competitor Airbus. 

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Boeing spent millions of dollars since late last year on a lobbying operation that pushed for Iranian sanctions relief.

It expected to be a major beneficiary of the lifting of sanctions on Iran’s aviation sector, despite U.S. lawmakers’ concerns that that sector supports Tehran’s international terrorist proxies.

Though Boeing has long eyed business opportunities in Iran, it failed to show up at last week’s CAPA Iran Aviation Summit, the first such event in Iran in nearly 40 years.

The company cited visa trouble, though some speculated that the State Department had discouraged Boeing from attending to avoid the appearance that U.S. companies that supported the Iran deal were profiting from its implementation.

Airbus walked away from the conference with a 114-plane purchase order from Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization (CAO). Iranian state-run media pegged the deal at $50 billion. Other observers estimated it was worth about $27 billion.

Iran is expected to expand its commercial airline fleet by hundreds of planes in the wake of U.S. and E.U. sanctions relief. “Iranian airlines will carefully examine all options for the country’s new aviation fleet purchases and definitely will not restrict their choices to a single country or aircraft manufacturing company,” according to senior CAO official Mohammad Khodakarami.” 

So Boeing spent millions of dollars to persuade our government to relax sanctions on the number one state sponsor of Islamic terrorism so they could make a buck? Boeing saw their own special interests as more important than our national security interests. I just have to ask if the CEO of Boeing had a son or daughter in the military, would he feel the same about doing business deals with Iran? And how foolish does Boeing look to have done all that lobbying and courting, only to get dissed by Hasan Rouhani who signed the agreement and then sauntered up to French President Hollande and Airbus. Actually, Barack Obama has just embarrassed America through this entire episode. Again.

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