DISTURBING: Berkeley Students Walk Past Man Praising ISIS, Do This When He Praises Israel

If you know anyone who says Berkeley doesn’t have a history of supporting violence, show them this video.

These students could have been ignoring the ISIS flag because they know (hopefully) that anyone doing that is off their rocker. If we would have been there, we wouldn’t have taken any chances. We would have made sure this guy wasn’t about to preform some terrorist act. But that’s just us.

It’s when he starts waving an Israeli flag around that gets us. People stop left and right to ridicule this him and Israel.

If you have young adults that are going off to college, prepare them. Don’t let them be brainwashed by the liberal college atmosphere.

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In 2014 filmmaker Ami Horowitz decided to conduct a social experiment on the UC Berkeley campus by waving an ISIS flag and an Israeli flag.

While waving the ISIS flag Ami yells out anti-American and pro-ISIS rhetoric as students walk by and are friendly to him.


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