DISTURBING: Muslim Child Sexual Predators

muslim-girl-630x422Child sexual predators are so universally despised that they’re usually the very bottom of every social food chain, including prison. Self-respecting drug dealers and murderers have nothing but hatred and contempt for these lowest of the low. It’s that old saying about honor even among thieves.

Not so, unfortunately, when it comes to the Muslim world. Not all, just millions of men. While adult homosexuals are too often liable to capital punishment in Islam, pre-pubescent boys are considered fair game. And for girls, there is too often no age limit. Child brides as young as 9, are commonplace. “Temporary marriages” of convenience are allowed as ways around some limitations, such as when the man already has the maximum allotted five wives.

In the words of Hank Williams, Jr., it’s just “an old family tradition.” The Prophet Muhammad married a 9-year-old named Aiysha, although there’s apparently reason to believe she might have been even younger—that he married her at age 6 and consummated the marriage at 9. Hence the not uncommon stories of young Muslim girls dying in childbirth or even intercourse.

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