DNC Wall Gets Even Bigger–Trying to Keep Out…

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 5.45.44 PMLast night the DNC wall was breached, today…they’ve added more to the wall. Rumor has it protesters are planning to breach the wall in greater force. Check it.

Much has been made of the gigantic four-mile wall that the security people have built to shield DNC attendees from the robust protests taking place throughout Philadelphia. Even People magazine noted that high-profile supporters of Bernie Sanders cannot get anywhere near the delegates they’re trying to influence and several have been arrested trying to scale the 8-foot fence that rings not just the stadium proper, but a giant area outside the stadium.

According to the US Secret Service, it was a nearly unprecedented effort to shield convention-goers from the riffraff. Special Agent James Henry told NBC10.com that it would include “no-scale fencing to enclose the Wells Fargo Center and Xfinity Live!”

What may look like a boring story about securing an area during a naturally contentious event is of course irresistible because of the irony of the Democrats, who have made sport of Donald Trump’s focus on building a wall on America’s southern border, being protected by a wall surrounding their convention.

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What has been less reported is the fact that as of Wednesday, a big wall got even bigger.

On Wednesday, after two days of strong protests, I witnessed the northern border of the perimeter on Broad Street expand from just north of Hartranft Street all the way to just south of Packer Avenue, which expanded the security area approximately a thousand feet northward.

I asked the police who were building the additional fencing why they were expanding it. They told me it was none of my business, rather politely, considering we were steps from the home of where the Flyers earned their nickname, The Broad Street Bullies. But I spoke to two concessions employees who said they now had to board busses inside the secured zone rather than leave the secured zone to board their busses. Neither woman wanted to give her name because they’re strongly encouraged not to speak to the press, but both agreed on Wednesday afternoon that it was because protests in the parking lot had started to interfere with efficient shift changes.


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