DO THE MATH: The Most Expensive ‘Trump Wall’ Would Still be CHEAPER Than Illegal Immigration

Since we’ve been funding illegal immigration for decades now, it’s hard to say exactly how many trillions of dollars we’ve spent on them. In that wide perspective, a few billion wouldn’t seem as much considering the long term savings we as a nation would be making. Check this out!

There are some wild-eyed estimates that show a $40 billion price tag for the border wall President Trump has proposed between our country and Mexico. Apparently, this wall would be 50 feet high, 15 feet deep, and mostly constructed with poured concrete fortified with steel rebar. The highest official price tag I’ve seen, however, is $25 billion.

Trump himself, a man with a lifetime of building experience, says he can bring the wall in for $12 billion.

Homeland Security estimates $21.6 billion.

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Regardless of the price, once completed in 2020, 1250 miles of our Southern Border would finally be closed off, adding to the 654 miles that already is.

For argument’s sake, let’s go ahead and assume that the eventual cost of a border wall will reach the worst case scenario of $40 billion.

For argument’s sake (only), let’s concede that Trump won’t be able to fulfill his promise of having Mexico pay for the wall, so all of it falls on us, the taxpayers.

So what?

The estimates of the ANNUAL cost of illegal immigration rank as high as $113 billion to as low as — oh, look, although the left-wing PolitiFact gives that widely circulated number a “mostly false,” these proven serial-liars can only say, “Reports by pro-immigration or neutral groups have come in significantly lower.”



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