Doctor FIRED for Saying THIS About Michelle Obama — Justified?

Freedom of speech, something we all love, appreciate, and respect. Right?

Wait, no…no, we were wrong.

And a doctor in Colorado agrees with us after she was told to pack up her things and leave!

Why you ask? Because of a comment she posted on Facebook.

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Herren responded to a Facebook post praising First Lady Michelle Obama with the statement: “Monkey face and poor ebonic English!!! There! I feel better and am still not racist!!! Just calling it like it is!”

[Emphasis supplied]

The University of Colorado’s School of Medicine is planning to cut ties with Dr. Michelle Herren, a faculty member and pediatric anesthesiologist, who made a racist remark on Facebook.

“We are beginning the process to terminate Dr. Herren’s faculty appointment,” Mark Couch, spokesman for the school, said Thursday. “She has expressed values that are at odds with ours and she has compromised her ability to meet the teaching and patient care mission of the School of Medicine.”

Herren, who works at Denver Health Medical Center, holds a non-paid faculty appointment at the CU School of Medicine and a medical staff appointment at Children’s Hospital, where Denver Health physicians supervise residents and other medical practitioners in training.

Although we aren’t sure if Denver Health Medical Center will also can Herren, but they did say this:

Denver Health also released a statement saying that officials were offended by the comments, which were made while Herren was “acting independently in her private capacity.”

Denver Post

Why are companies so desperate to backpedal whenever someone says something that the left finds offensive?

Let’s look at some pictures and you tell us if there was public outcry from the left and if they caused people to lose their jobs.

First up, we have a photo of Trump being compared to a money. Actually, there were so many, here is just a screenshot of a few.


Do you remember any public outcry concerning any of these? We sure don’t. But we could be wrong.

Hey liberals, do you find these offensive?

Moving on, another Republican president was also a victim of the monkey comparison.


Again we ask, any outcry? Any poor soul lose his job over these?

Come on leftists, it seems like you are super triggered by monkeys! These have to be offensive to you!

Maybe it’s because Michelle is a woman. Okay, we’ve been going about this all wrong.

So, since we figured it out that comparing women to animals is wrong, this one definitely cost a misogynist his job!


NO?!? There was no outcry?? Are you pulling our leg?

OOOHHHHH! It’s because of her skin color….

It all makes sense now. Of course! Liberals are always talking about the racist implication with respect to a monkey.


…..Well, guess that isn’t true either. We certainly don’t remember any chap losing a job over this one.

So, could it be that the doctor wasn’t being racist (as she stated) and was just being critical of Michelle’s un-lovely appearance and boorish speech?

Let’s examine an undoctored photo of Michelle. Were Herren’s comments justified?


YIKES! Well, we certainly think so! University of Colorado’s School of Medicine, take a look at this! It surly is enough to give Herren her job back!

All jokes aside, why is it people are only reprimanded when they speak against a leftist hero? All the Republicans showed above didn’t cause outcry from the right.

Why? Because we actually respect the First Amendment! Time for liberals to leave their “trigger warnings” at home and live life in the real world.

h/t Clash Daily


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