DOCUMENT DUMP: Over 7,000 New Pages of Hillary Emails Reveal Some Scandalous News

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 9.00.22 AMJust waiting for Obama to throw Hillary Clinton under the bus to make way for Joe Biden. She is done.

Hillary Clinton’s private email account was a big enough secret at the State Department that the agency’s computer help-desk experts didn’t recognize her address when they saw it. ‘They had no idea it was YOU,’ her top aide Human Abedin remarked at the time.

Although she would claim years later that she carried only a single email device – her personal Blackberry – out of ‘convenience,’ Clinton emailed her press guru in 2010 to ask for help learning to use her new iPad.

And the once-and-future presidential candidate couldn’t get skim milk for her tea – and was at a loss to figure out what time to catch ‘Parks and Recreation’ or ‘The Good Wife’ on TV.

So she emailed an aide to help with both problems. Not the same aide, however, who went 100 hours without sleep so he could finish writing a speech for her.

These glimpses into Clinton’s life as America’s top diplomat came via a massive document dump released Monday night by the State Department – about 7,121 pages of emails from her infamous private server including 125 messages retroactively stamped ‘classified’ by the U.S. Intelligence Community.

That brings to 189 the total of classified messages that Clinton and her campaign team will continue to insist weren’t considered state secrets when she sent or received them.

The public can only see bits and pieces of them, the portions that aren’t considered too secret to public, and likely won’t know what the fuss was about until 2035.

While those newly classified emails are mostly or entirely ‘redacted’ – blacked out – the thousands that remain provide a glimpse into the mundane, the bizarre and the politically curious.

Even the unclassified emails are often redacted, though, as part of the process of vetting and scrubbing documents before they are released under the Freedom Of Information Act.

One email, a 15-page draft of a speech on ‘Internet freedom,’ was wiped clean entirely. But the author at least got an attaboy from the boss.

An underling asked Hillary to make a point of praising Dr. Tomicah Tillemann, who ‘went for almost 100 hours without sleep to get the speech done, under unusually trying circumstances.’

‘I did once before speech and will do again,’ she replied.

In a November 2010 message to Senator Barbara Mikulski, Clinton praised Maryland’s then-governor Martin O’Malley, saying that ‘he should be reelected by acclamation for steering the ship of state so well.’

O’Malley is now among her rivals for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination, and one of her fiercest critics.

Clinton once pinged an aide to ask for a printout of an email from noted ad executive Roy Spence, suggesting she should launch ‘”HRC University” … To empower people everywhere with knowledge, purpose and passion so that they are destined – not lucky – to fully develop their God-given talents.’

She apparently liked the idea enough that she asked the same State Department staffer to print it again for her three weeks later.

And then there was her iPad, which communications adviser Philippe Reines referred to in email as her ‘hPad.’

After asking Reines to teach her how to use the device, Clinton later wrote him asking him how to charge it and how to update a news reading app.

Reines asked her if she had a wireless Internet connection.

‘I don’t know if I have wi-fi. How do I find out?’ she responded.

Monday’s batch of emails touched on serious issues that could frame Clinton’s bid to be taken seriously amid flagging poll numbers and widespread voter concerns about her trustworthiness.

Hillary claimed in March, for instance, that her use of a private email address as secretary of state could never deprive the public of access to her communications records since so many of her messages were sent to underlings with official ‘’ addresses that would have archived them.

But at least two of her senior aides, the email records show, had trouble receiving those missives.

‘As usual, your emails aren’t showing up in my State account. Still working on that problem,’ then-deputy chief of staff Jake Sullivan once wrote her.

Sullivan colleague Huma Abedin weighed in on a separate occasion when aide Lauren Jiloty also couldn’t receive email from Clinton – and ended up using her own private email account as a quick fix.

‘Well its clearly a state vs outside email issue,’ Clinton heard from Abedin, who also had an address on the secretary’s private server

‘State has been trying to figure it out. So lj is getting all your emazils [sic] cause she’s on her personal account too.’

The odder moments chronicled in the emails include a note from Clinton to Sen. Mikulski on the eve of the Obamacare law’s passage, urging her to ‘wrap this up in the Senate and go drink something unhealthy!’

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