Dog For Dinner: Man Feeds his Ex-Girlfriend her Dog, Asks How it Tastes

Ryan-Eddy-WatenpaughMy ex would’ve been limping away if I found out he fed me my dog. Unbelievable.

A Northern California man has been arrested after his ex-girlfriend said he cooked her dog and fed it to her.

Ryan Watenpaugh, 34, of Palo Cedro was arrested on Thursday on charges of stalking and animal cruelty.

He remains jailed on Friday.

Watenpaugh’s ex told police he had repeatedly struck her while they were dating and that after one assault, she left her Redding apartment and returned to find her Pomeranian, ‘Bear,’ missing.

USA Today reports that the woman said she suffers from bruises and minor cuts after the assaults and she claims that she was twice held against her will while she was trying to escape him.

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