Domestic Violence Ain’t Cool with God

michelangelo God separates earth and water

See how God reacts to a spouse who is violent towards their other half. It ain’t good.

A wife is to be treated with great respect and honor,  even if she is not as physically strong as her husband. A wife will receive the same gift of life as her husband. A wife is to be intimately understood by her husband. She is not subservient to him in any way. Husbands who fail to grasp these basic truths will have their prayers hindered by God. These are some of the things that we learn from I Peter 3:7.

When husbands physically intimidate their wives, either by threat or by injury, they turn from God and bring disgust and dishonor upon themselves.

When husbands verbally intimidate their wives they fail to treat them with the understanding and respect that God demands.  This physical and verbal intimidation is a breeding ground of domestic violence and brings great harm to women.

Respect, honor and understanding are to be given to wives because God requires it. Violence, physical or verbal, often occurs because the husband believes he has been disrespected in some way.

But a violent response is never justified or appropriate. Physical or verbal violence defies God’s commands and does great damage to wives; it is shameful!

If these things can be true of men who have made a commitment before God in marriage to love and honor their wives, how much more will they be true of men who are not constrained by marriage vows!

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