DONALD TRUMPS THEM ALL: Trump Just Scored This MASSIVE Win, Which is Bad News Bears for Jeb Bush

Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 9.19.48 AMDonald keeps climbing the political ladder. Do you think he is ever going to fall down?

A new poll released by the respected Quinnipiac University just solidified what we all knew about Donald Trump: He is a winner who has skyrocketed to #1, and shows no signs of slowing down!

Trump left all of his GOP competitors in the dust, leading them all by a significant margin. With 20% of primary voters behind Trump, that is the largest share held by any candidate in the seven surveys conducted over the past two years.

And while Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is far behind at 13%, the news that is also shocking the political establishment is former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is at a pathetic 10%. That is a serious obstacle for Bush to overcome, considering he is the candidate the political establishment is fully behind.

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Trump’s support is deep and wide. It isn’t just the most vocal tea party activists backing him… It is the entire pool of likely primary voters! This is the equivalent of a political earthquake:

Trump’s strength in the poll comes primarily from male voters: He earns 24 percent of the vote among men. But he also leads among female voters, with 15 percent of the vote to Bush’s 12 percent and Walker’s 9 percent.[…]

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