DON’T AXE ME BRO: Physics Teacher Takes Axe to Co-Worker’s Genitals in Science Experiment Gone Wrong

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This video captures the stomach-churning moment a physics teacher swings an axe into his co-worker’s genitals – in a disastrously misjudged class experiment.

The nauseating footage was captured on a camera phone at a school in Portland, Oregon, and shows the well-built man lecturing a crowd of students before excitedly asking ‘everybody ready?’.

The teacher then orders the class to give him a count as he hoists the axe up over his head and swings it directly into the unlucky fellow-teacher’s crotch – causing him to squirm violently on the floor. 

The idea of the experiment appears to be to crack open a cinder block that is balancing on the chest of one of his co-workers using the blunt end of the axe.

Standing with his legs astride over the teacher, he swings the tool over his head but completely misses his target.

The man appears to be wearing face protection but has not thought to cover his groin area and is seen writhing on impact just before the 17-second clip cuts out.

Uploaded to YouTube, the video has been titled: ‘How the physics teacher lost his job.’

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