‘DON’T BOMB SYRIA’: Thousands of Protestors Show Up to Oppose this Nation’s Air-Strike Plans

Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 9.25.49 AMIf you ever wondered what sheeple look like, here is a flock of them.

Around 4,000 people joined a protest in London today against Britain potentially joining air strikes against the Islamic State group in Syria.

Parliament is expected to vote on the issue next week after Prime Minister David Cameron pushed MPs to back the move in the wake of this month’s Paris attacks.

The demonstration was organised by the Stop The War Coalition protest movement.

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Its chairman Andrew Murray urged demonstrators to “stand behind” Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the main opposition Labour party and a former Stop the War Coalition chairman, in opposing air strikes.

“This is a conflict that cannot and will not be solved by bombing,” Mr Murray told the crowd.

One demonstrator, 65-year-old John Offen, said he and others were worried about a “lack of planning” in the proposed military action.

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