Don’t Drone Me Bro: A College Student’s Lamentation

ddmbThe left, through their handling of unmanned predator drones in America have shown that you can get away with killing innocent civilians without due process, totally disregard civil liberties, and any other manner of nightmarish war crimes, so long as you don’t have an (R) next to your name. Bills such as the NDAA and the use of unmanned drones in the United States is one of the most important battles against government tyranny of our time, and there has not been even the most tepid sign of protest from the American left nor students. Good news to tyrants everywhere, all you need are a few half-hearted and ambiguous comments about being for gay marriage and an edgy marketing campaign and the American left to forgive and even support your war crimes. Did the anti-war left ever exist? If so, what the hell happened?


I am currently a student at one of the most liberal college campuses on the planet, the University of Colorado at Boulder. In Boulder there are more Subarus with coexist bumper stickers than Starbucks, and I have not heard a syllable of complaint over Obama’s abhorrent disregard for civil liberty. American citizens have been killed without due process, and the natural barriers to surveillance are being broken by pocket sized spy planes. Where are the protests and riots? Where is the political unrest that college students were so infamous for in the 1960’s? I feel like Samuel Beckett is penning this macabre absurdist World from his Paris grave. Both the Republican and Democratic Presidential nominees of 2008 both agree that it is okay for the US government to kill US citizens on US soil for any reason without due process, and the most profound form of social rebellion college students can think of is to arrhythmically seizure around in Harlem Shake videos. If unmanned flying killing machines don’t rally students, I don’t think my psyche can handle imagining the situation so wretched that would.


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This isn’t to say the right has done any more of a commendable job fighting these winged atrocities than the left has. John McCain and Lindsey Graham in a shameful act childishly mocked Rand Paul for his filibuster calling him a, “wacko bird”. Nauseating as McCains support of Obama’s drone policy is, I’m not necessarily surprised by it. What really bothers me is the hypocritical flip that the American left has undergone since 2008. I have seen countless friends, commentators, and politicians who couldn’t go a day without damning Bush for his foreign policy, that now have an unwavering support of the same wicked practices when done by Obama.


While I can’t quite describe my reaction to those who criticize George Bush for his disregard for civil liberties and support Barack Obama, I can say it comes eerily close to Linda Blair’s guttural reaction in The Exorcist after being doused in holy water. The fact that Obama has been able to keep any of his 2008 left supporters is a sickly sycophantic miracle, the comprehension of which shall forever elude me. I can’t help but wonder if there would be any social unrest if the Obama signed NDAA had been scribbled into law by a President John McCain’s bloated leathery hand instead of being applauded from his bloated leathery mouth as a Senator. Everything the left criticized George W. Bush for doing has been repeated and amplified by Barack Obama, and we have heard nothing from the left.


Drones and their use in America is one of the most important battles Americans have ever had to face in the fight against Big Brother. My heart literally bleeds for the bleeding hearts that can’t break out of their sycophantic bubbles to realize the President they support, were he to have an (R) after his name, would be crying out for his impeachment: and for the students who are willfully missing their chance to fight against one of the most egregious violations of civil liberties in American history.


As lovers of freedom and liberty, we can not afford to let this issue shrink into the acceptance of the American public. We must fight it every chance we can get, and show to people that the progressives do not own the anti-war movement. Their hypocrisy must be scaffolded and scorned, and when the next Republican President is elected, we can not allow them to pick back up the anti-war movement as if they had never abandoned it. We can not forgive the leaders who are supporting Obama’s assault on civil liberties, and must not give up this fight.


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