DON’T TALK BACON: Oxford University Warns not to Write about Pork because it Could Offend Muslims or Jews

porkyMOS1204_468x284It’s scary how much people go out of the way not to ‘offend’ anyone. What a wussy culture we live in.

The new policy, adopted by Oxford University Press, came out during a discussion of free speech on BBC’s Radio 4 Today, held in the wake of the Islamic terrorist attack in Paris last week, as reported by the International Business Times.

“I’ve got a letter here that was sent out by OUP [Oxford University Press] to an author doing something for young people,” Jim Naughtie, the program’s host said.

“Among the things prohibited in the text that was commissioned by OUP was the following: Pigs plus sausages, or anything else which could be perceived as pork,” he continued.

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“Now, if a respectable publisher, tied to an academic institution, is saying you’ve got to write a book in which you cannot mention pigs because some people might be offended, it’s just ludicrous. It is just a joke.”

According to the Times:

An OUP spokesperson said: “Our materials are sold in nearly 200 countries, and as such, and without compromising our commitment in any way, we encourage some authors of educational materials respectfully to consider cultural differences and sensitivities.

“Guidelines for our educational materials differ between geographies and do not cover our academic publishing.”
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