DON’T BE THE VICTIM: 5 Ways People are Trafficked

_MG_4336webAcross the globe, an estimated 27 million people are in slavery. Everyone’s story is unique. There are countless methods used to recruit victims, but here are 5 main ways people can be trafficked:

1. Misleading “Friendships” – Some recruiters befriend teens and adults for the sake of trafficking them. After they develop trust and a seemingly solid friendship, the recruiters initiate a weekend vacation or gig, only to deceive them into trafficking.

2. False Job Advertisements – Traffickers will advertise paying jobs (nanny, waitress, model, etc.) in a foreign country. When the applicants arrive and are picked up by their supposed boss, their paperwork is often taken and they are forced into work conditions vastly different than they had been led to believe.

3. Family Arrangements…

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