‘DON’T YOU DIE ON ME’: Watch this Highway Trooper Save a Man Moments from Death

Trooper Eric Devers of the Piqua Post received a Certificate of Recognition today for his actions while responding to a crash that helped save a commercial vehicle driver’s life. Trooper Devers found the driver belted in the driver’s seat, taking low, gasping breaths with eyelids half closed. After a short amount of time, the driver’s eyes rolled back into his head; he slumped over and quit breathing. A passerby who stopped to assist Trooper Devers kept the driver upright as Trooper Devers performed CPR chest compressions until EMS arrived. In total, Trooper Devers was on the scene for 12 minutes prior to medical personnel arriving, at which time the driver began breathing on his own and stabilized. The driver was transported to Wilson Memorial Hospital and made a full recovery. In speaking with the family, medical personnel and witnesses at the scene, it is apparent the quick actions of Trooper Devers helped save the driver’s life.

Posted by Ohio State Highway Patrol on Thursday, August 13, 2015

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Someone paid attention during training. So glad the trooper was there in time to save this man!

An Ohio State Highway Trooper was awarded the certificate of recognition for saving a man’s life.

Trooper Eric Devers came across a tractor trailer that ran off the road and over a hill.

The dash camera in his car records what happens when Devers finds the driver slumped over the wheel and not breathing.

At one point, Devers can be heard screaming “don’t you die on me!”

Devers then performs CPR and chest compressions on the driver while a passerby who stopped assisted by keeping the driver upright.

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