Dormant Christians Living Alongside Mindless Cowards

christiansDid you hear about the craze in Bordentown, New Jersey and their preposterous decision to remove Christmas carols from their school Christmas play? Great, let’s watch our children sing Lady Gaga and Katy Perry at the school Christmas play this year because THAT would be appropriate! There comes a point where we have to stand our ground as a nation, moreover, as believers in Jesus Christ. Society will devise an array of excuses not to give Him praise.

So what Christmas is not the exact birth date of our Lord; the simple fact that Christmas is a national holiday which recognizes that Jesus was born is monumental. Removing the celebration of Christmas does not change the historical fact that he existed and was born to the Virgin Mary any more than disowning the celebration of Easter because it is not the exact day of his resurrection; my concern rest in the removal of acknowledgement, not the event.

Singing Christmas songs does not dictate your eternal state any more than celebrating Christmas, but let’s remove Christ from society even more by rescinding the national recognition of that fact that He came. We removed prayer and bibles from schools, so why not eradicate the celebration of his birth, forbid Christmas carols, ban Christmas lights in the streets and jump on the ban wagon of Happy Holidays because Merry Christmas is offensive. We are evolving into a nation where there is no place for Christ, and if the mention of his name is offensive, we will ban that too.

Take a good look at other countries where people are martyrs for their faith because the government has banned their freedom to worship the one true God! We are a weak nation, conforming to other religions and beliefs instead of standing up for our own. We should be steadfast in our faith; therefore, we will not be altering our faith to accommodate yours. It is not oppression folks; it is called remaining faithful and steadfast to the One who died to save, Jesus Christ.


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