Drama Queen Michael Moore Claims TRUMP Caused ‘EXTINCTION of Human Life on Earth’

Wow, I was not aware that I had so few days to live. So many songs to be sung, so many books to be written…

The all knowing prophet Michael Moore took to Facebook to accused Trump of declaring “war on the planet”. This came after the president signed an executive order rolling back several Obama-era regulations concerning energy production.

Historians in the near future (because that may be the only future we have) will mark today, March 28, 2017, as the day the extinction of human life on earth began. President Trump has signed executive orders ending all efforts to stop and reverse climate change. He is rescinding President Obama’s six climate change orders. He is instructing the Environmental Protection Agency to cease its climate change efforts and do no environmental regulations that get in the way of profits or “jobs.” The EPA is to only concern itself with “clean air and clean water” – while Trump orders a massive increase in the use of coal.

This is a defining moment in the history of mankind. By signing these executive orders today, Trump is declaring an act of war on the planet and its inhabitants. The one silver lining here is that Trump can’t kill the planet; the planet wants to live and has a long history of wiping out any real or perceived threats. With the actions Trump is taking today, the planet is paying attention — and the planet will make sure it dispenses with a species hell-bent on destroying Earth.

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Wow, we were also unaware that Moore has the ability to talk to planets. Or that planets were alive…


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