Drawing Blood: Trey Gowdy Slams IRS Commissioner Koskinen for Claiming No Criminal Actions at IRS [VIDEO]

Editor’s Note: You got to give Gowdy a standing ovation for his tenacity to find the truth. It’s nice to see someone with a passion to weed out corruption; especially when it’s a politician. Makes you almost want to believe in our government again.

Congressman Trey Gowdy relentlessly hammered IRS Commissioner John Koskinenon the missing IRS emails and on how Koskinen hasn’t personally seen evidence of criminal wrongdoing at the IRS, which Gowdy found particularly outrageous because Koskinen hasn’t read the relevant criminal statutes.

Gowdy lectured Koskinen on the “negative inference” drawn by the inability of the IRS to retrieve these emails, and said if a taxpayer is being prosecuted by the IRS a jury would look on them with more than a little suspicion.

[Full video at Mediaite.com]

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