Drugged Out Medical School Graduate Tries Carjacking Woman, Dies After Being Tasered Twice

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The woman was smart to use her car to get away from this guy. Sounds like he was on some serious drugs.

Connecticut state police are investigating the death of a medical school graduate who died in New London police custody after officers used stun guns on him twice in a span of eight hours.

Lashano Gilbert, 31, who The Associated Press reported was a medical school graduate from the Bahamas, died early Saturday morning, hours after being arrested on suspicion of carjacking.

Police say they were forced to Taser him twice, once when he resisted arrest and again when he attacked officers at the police station hours later.

The chief medical examiner was examining his body Sunday to determine his cause of death.

Gilbert was initially taken into custody just after 7 p.m. Friday on carjacking charges, after police say he jumped through the open window of a woman’s car as she was driving.

Police said that he made stabbing motions toward the driver, appeared to be in an “altered state of mind” and was “speaking in a bizarre manner.” The woman called 911 and “floored” the car to “get him off of her,” police said.

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