DRUNK TEXAS STATE REP: Dan Huberty Goes OFF THE WALL Over One Simple Question, Attempts to Get Violent [WATCH]

Is this ‘normal’ behavior for a Texas politician? If it is, we need some major changes.

Twenty minutes after the House adjourns, Houston Representative Dan Huberty, longtime supporter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, walks through the Texas Capitol offering to let people he considers a**holes talk to his wife. He leaves, and then returns to confront a reporter, answer a few questions, slur profanities, and fight his underpaid staffers. Take special note for how 3 DPS agents are assigned to the reporter, and how they are careful to politically protect Huberty by blocking stairwells for him.

Huberty voted for SB19 that was designed to make these videos illegal.

#GOPFascism: List of Texas Republicans Who Voted Against the First Amendment


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