‘DUCK DYNASTY’ PATRIARCH: Weighs in On Bathroom Bill–INFURIATES Many People

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.02.09 AMDid Phil just cross the line on this one or is he right on the money?

“Duck Dynasty” star Phil Robertson has weighed in on the controversial North Carolina “bathroom bill” and says he has a “radical idea” for dealing with the transgender bathroom issue.

“The Judeo-Christian values that led America to greatness are under full assault by the mob mentality of political correctness, and we’re slowly losing our soul,” he said. “Men should use the men’s bathroom and women should use the women’s bathroom.”

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“Just because a man may ‘feel’ like a woman doesn’t mean he should be able to share a bathroom with my daughter, or yours,” Robertson added. “That used to be called common sense. Now it’s called bigoted.”


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