This Dude Says ‘Diversity’ is Code Word for ‘Non-White’, Do You Agree? [Video]

Stefan Molyneux recently addressed the issue of the word ‘diversity’.

Leftists use this word often and it can be broken down as, we care about everyone’s rights as long as you’re non-white.

During his YouTube show entitled “The Death of Canada. Prepare Yourselves Accordingly.” Molyneux made the comments:

“Nobody says, ‘We’re bringing a lot of white people from Belgium, that adds to our diversity,’ or, ‘We’re bringing in a lot of people from Poland, that adds [to our diversity].’ It always and forever means non-whites.

That’s what ‘diversity’ means. I’m not trying to do anything other than be very frank about what the word actually means [when used by leftists].”

“Europe is incredibly diverse. And what does everyone say?

‘Europe needs diversity.’

Well, what does that mean? It means Europe needs non-whites.

That’s all it means. ‘Diversity’ means non-whites, generally, displacing whites.”

So what do you think?

Did this man hit the nail on the head?


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