DWYANE WADE’S COUSIN: Trump Sends Condolences and is RIDICULED, Hillary and Obama Have This to Say

Nykea-Aldridge-Dwyane-Wade-Twitter-768x514Trump tweeted out his condolences to the family and people jumped all over him. Obama and Hillary are SILENT and that is apparently okay with everyone.

While Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is taking flak for commenting that the shooting death of mother of four Nykea Aldridge, cousin of Chicago Bulls star Dwyane Wade, while she was pushing a baby stroller down a Chicago sidewalk Friday afternoon is what he has been speaking about in saying African-Americans should vote for him because he will make it safe for Blacks to walk their neighborhoods without getting shot, there has been no statement by President Barack Obama nor any statement by Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton on Aldridge’s murder.

Clinton and Obama are both from Chicago which is currently run by Mayor Rahm Emmanuel who has close political ties to both Clinton and Obama.

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UPDATE: Clinton’s running mate Tim Kaine spoke to the press about Trump’s tweet Saturday afternoon during a campaign stop in Miami Lakes, Florida.

Trump Tweets About Wade’s Cousin Getting Shot–Liberals Go NUTS


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