EAT IT OBAMA: Armed Civilians Defy Government’s Advice and Go Stand Guard at Military Recruiting Office

The way the town is responding to this situation is epic.

Reacting to the deadly shootings in Tennessee, armed civilians stood guard Tuesday outside a military recruiting office in a shopping center in Spanaway. Their presence appeared well-received.

That was in contrast to a similar situation Monday in Silverdale, where Kitsap County sheriff’s deputies asked an armed man standing guard outside a recruiting office to put his rifle and shotgun in his vehicle because he was worrying shoppers. See that story here.

But in Spanaway, members of the military and others stopped by to shake the hands of the armed civilians outside the recruiting office.

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“I’m not use to seeing people patrolling like this, but I think it’s really great what they are doing,” said Zach Bussmeir, of Spanaway.

“We’re just here on our own volition. Just came down and decided it was something we wanted to be part of,” said one of the volunteer ‘guards.’

Reacting to the shooting deaths of four Marines and a Navy sailor in recruiting offices in Chattanooga, Tenn., by a lone gunman on July 16, a Washington-based group calling itself the Great American Patriots said its volunteers are standing guard over military recruitment centers across Western Washington.

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