EAT THIS! Judge Jeanine RIPS Into Michelle For Her ‘Hopelessness’ Comment

You are going to LLLLLOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE this! Judge Jeanine can do no wrong. She get’s to the point and sinks her teeth in where it hurts.

Let’s say it how it is, Michelle is upset that she can’t be this country’s princess anymore. Remember, Hillary praised Michelle throughout the campaign. Michelle had a plan in place to stay the American princess, don’t kid yourself.

“I’ll tell you what hope is. Hope is when people, 30 thousand at a time stand in line in the cold with their children hoping to get a glimpse of a man they think can change the course of their lives from the downward spiral that you and mister hope and change have put them on. I’ll tell you what hope and change is. Hope and change is when people show up 20 thousand strong after an election– desperate to see the man who brought back jobs to almost a thousand people when your husband said it was impossible.”

THAT’S THE SPIRIT? Michelle Obama Says America is ‘Entering a Time of Hopelessness’


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