EAT LEAD: Concealed Carrier Thwarts Possible Mass Shooting

Screen Shot 2016-02-05 at 3.18.44 PMObama, please tell us again how guns don’t do society good.

Richard Macklin, a convicted felon with a gun, whipped it out and started firing into a group of ATV riders in New Orleans on Sunday. He was’t prepared for one of the other riders in the group to pull a licensed concealed weapon and return fire.

Police said the melee started about 3:30 p.m. at the Claiborne Express station just off Esplanade Avenue. Macklin, who was driving a white Volvo, arrived at the gas station at the same time as a large group of men riding ATVs.

Macklin became “enraged” during an argument, according to an arrest report, and shot three of the men, ages 30, 31 and 32. Then one of the ATV riders, whom police have not named, pulled out a legally owned weapon and shot back.

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Police said they arrested three other men — Jerome Richards, 25; Corey Berry, 20; and Charles Simon, 27 — when they fled the scene on ATVs. After a chase, all three were booked with reckless operation of a vehicle, police said.

None of the ATV riders who were shot were booked.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said Sunday that none of the men’s wounds are life-threatening.

Police said in the arrest report that statements from victims and witnesses made it “evident” that Macklin was the aggressor and responsible for the shooting.

Friedman, the magistrate commissioner, found probable cause in relation to the shooting for the three counts of attempted second-degree murder as well as illegal use of a weapon, illegal carrying of a weapon and possession of a firearm by a felon.

Macklin was convicted of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in Texas in 2009, according to court records, and also has previous convictions in New Orleans for domestic abuse, battery and violations of a protective order.

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