The Ebola Election: Obama And Company Place Their Incompetence Center Stage

Obama Facepalm_5

What a beautiful sight to see. Liberals shooting themselves in the foot this election cycle. #hopeandchange

The days dwindle down to a precious few, and the White House continues to be bewitched, bothered and bewildered. The gang that can’t shoot straight keeps banging away. A lot of feet at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. are riddled with holes.

The Republicans demonstrated remarkable discipline in this campaign, committing few mistakes and this time saying a minimum of silly and destructive things, standing aside while Barack Obama and his befuddled legion make their incompetence a centerpiece of the campaign.

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The Republicans have finally taken to heart the ancient wisdom that when your opponent is shooting himself, be kind, considerate and helpful. Stay out of his way.

Since this is a Republican year — nearly all the pollsters and pundits say so — this is the week Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate should begin breaking away, opening up comfortable leads with only days to go.

So far that’s not happening. The weekend polls even show some of the races tightening. Uncertainty has yet to give way to resolution. The week is young.

The Ebola virus is not on anybody’s ballot, but it has cast a deep shadow over everyone’s campaign. Despite the fear and loathing, Ebola is not remotely an epidemic in America, but the government’s mishandling of the response makes everyone worry about what could happen if such an epidemic does happen here.

The constant refrain that everyone should disdain politics, and let science do its work, overlooks the inconvenient fact that it’s the scientists who have bumbled and fumbled from the beginning, as if they were mere humans. It was politics — driven by outrage — that gave science the needed kick in the pants.

In a rare outburst of the nonpartisan politics that everyone is said to be itching for, two governors — one Republican, Chris Christie of New Jersey, and one Democrat, Andrew Cuomo of New York — jointly announced that “health care professionals” (the bloviator’s term for “doctors and nurses”), returning from Ebola Central in West Africa would be quarantined for 21 days.

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