EGYPTIAN TV HOST GOES OFF ON ATHEISTS: ‘We Don’t Want Any Atheists or Infidels Here’ [WATCH]

Screen Shot 2015-11-11 at 9.23.44 AMAfter viewing this, I bet Atheists are glad they live in a Christian nation.

This exchange doesn’t ever get anywhere close to being a rational discussion. Its very failure to do so, however, is yet another illustration of the deep hostility Islam inculcates toward opposing viewpoints: “Muhammad is the apostle of Allah. Those who follow him are merciful to one another, harsh to disbelievers” (Qur’an 48:29). There is no engaging with dissenting ideas. There is only the stigmatizing and demonizing of those who hold them. In that, Islamic supremacists resemble the contemporary American Left, and American academia.

“By now, we have 866 atheists…” I’ll wager there are more.

“TV Host Clashes with Egyptian Atheist Live on the Air: We Don’t Want Infidels Here,” MEMRI, November 3, 2015:

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On November 3, Egyptian atheist human rights activist Ahmed Harqan appeared on a talk show on Al-Assema TV, where he faced off against TV host and actress Rania Mahmoud Yassin, who introduced the topic by saying that “unfortunately” the phenomenon exists in Egypt in the form of 866 atheists. Yassin is the daughter of well-known actor Mahmoud Yassine. After some time of wrangling, Harqan got up to leave. “Fine, leave. Go away. We don’t want any atheists or infidels here anyway,” was Yassin’s parting shot.

Following are excerpts:

Actress and TV host Rania Mahmoud Yassin: Atheism is not a new phenomenon, but unfortunately, it exists in our society. We shall discuss it today. We shall present two opposing ideas. The truth is that this phenomenon has begun spreading like wildfire. Unfortunately, it exists in Egypt. By now, we have 866 atheists, and they have a significant presence in the social media.


Ahmed Harqan: I would like to object to the term “unfortunately,” which was used twice. A TV host must not say “unfortunately”…

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: You should address this to me, not to Sharif. Of course I say “unfortunately.” When we have in our society people who are against our religion, I must say “unfortunately.” I am not going to look into the camera, and say to these people: “Bravo for being atheists.” I’m sorry. Don’t comment on what I say. State your opinion, and that’s it. It’s none of your business what the TV hosts say.

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: You say that Muhammad didn’t exist, and so the Quran doesn’t exist. Answer him.

Ahmed Harqan: I haven’t finished yet. This is unacceptable. We have a time limit…

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: I’m responsible for what I say here… We are in charge of this show. With your permission…

Ahmed Harqan: I’m going to leave…

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: Either your respect the debate and its moderator or not…

Ahmed Harqan: No, I’m leaving.

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: You are the only one talking. Ayman must get a chance to respond. We have the right to run the show whichever way we want. When you mention one point, he has the right to respond.

Harqan gets up to leave and starts removing his microphone

Ahmed Harqan: Okay, thank you very much…

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: Fine, leave. Go away. We don’t want any atheists or infidels here anyway.

Ahmed Harqan: So why did you invite me? Shame on you.

Rania Mahmoud Yassin: We present an idea so that people may learn a lesson from it. Yes, so that people can learn a lesson from atheism, heresy, and all those disgraceful phenomena in society. Disgraceful ideas! You don’t want anyone to answer you or moderate the show…

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