EL CHAPO’S FEMME FATALE: The Mexican Beauty Who ‘Brought Down’ the Drug Lord

Screen Shot 2016-01-10 at 10.39.02 AMHopefully she is on a fast route to U.S. or has some epic security. She is going to need it.

Since the capturing of the world’s most wanted man, there are many questions surrounding his latest arrest and how he allowed the beautiful Mexican actress Kate del Castillo into his inner circle.

The Rolling Stone piece in which famed actor Sean Penn documents his daring journey to Mexico to meet up with El Chapo Guzmán, ultimately led to the kingpin’s recapture, six months after his elaborate prison break.

But the meeting between the double Oscar-winning actor and the famed drugs lord only seems to come about with del Castillo’s help.

‘He was interested in seeing the story of his life told on film, but would entrust its telling only to Kate,’ Penn wrote in the magazine about El Chapo’s desire to have a movie made about him.

Del Castillo first started her acting career in 1979 when she appeared in a film titled The Last Escape.

From there, her fame only grew and so did her voice to speak out about different issues plaguing the world and her country. In 2009 she was appointed Ambassador for the Mexican Commission on Human Rights and also posed in a PETA campaign in 2012.

The relationship between El Chapo and the 43-year-old beauty seems to have started at the beginning of 2012, when she first mentioned him in a tweet.

The Mexican film and television star, who is the daughter of soap opera actor Eric del Castillo,  stated that she would trust El Chapo if it was a question between him or the seemingly corrupt Mexican government.

‘Mr. Chapo, wouldn’t it be cool that you started trafficking with love?’ she wrote in the tweet.

‘With cures for diseases, with food for the homeless children, with alcohol for the retirement homes that don’t let the elderly spend the rest of the days doing whatever the f*** they want.

‘Imagine trafficking with corrupt politicians instead of women and children who end up as slaves.

‘Why don’t you burn all those whorehouses where women are worth less than a pack of cigarettes. Without offer, there’s no demand.

‘Come on, Don! You would be the hero of heroes. Let’s traffic with love. You know how to. Life is a business and the only thing that changes is the merchandise. Don’t you agree?’

Soon after her initial tweet, the popular soap opera actress who famously played a drug lordess on television, was contacted by one of El Chapo’s lawyers.

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