Election 2.0: A Gun Lover’s Response to Election Results

This past Tuesday, I, like many of you stayed up late rooting for my candidate(s) and in many cases I was disappointed. As a Massachusetts resident, again I saw the people of the commonwealth opt for a vehemently anti-gun political agenda through whom they chose for local, state, and national office. Looking at the larger national agenda, I can’t say I was thrilled with either candidate, but the “greater” of two evils unfortunately has another 4 years in which to assault our gun rights.

I have already spoken on the very real dangers that a naïve populace faces when those in political power do not respect arms ownership. They use the guise of safety and reduction of crime to justify disarming those that stand on the other side of the political spectrum. Sadly, politicizing an issue as fundamental as the right to protect oneself and one’s family is just something we need to cope with, just as slaves coped with the “debate” over freedom. Freedom and the ability to secure it from government have no place for debate, they are non-negotiable, but there will always those that stand between liberty and democracy.

I took a lot of heat months ago, especially among fellow gun owners that wrote scathing remarks against me for warning them of the perils that the 2A will face in the next decade. Folks, I wish I were wrong. “They” claim that the government will never confiscate guns—that it would be a death wish.  As always, let us look to history to see how actual gun confiscation occurred in Europe where as little as two decades ago many citizens could enjoy firearm freedom.

The most effective tool for politicians to leverage support for firearm prohibition is fear. As such, in England there were two public shootings that allowed the news media to portray firearms as instruments of evil, prior to the British parliament taking up two drastic pieces of overarching legislation.  (Sounds familiar America, doesn’t it?) The Hungerford and Dunblane shootings ushered in the 1997 Firearms Amendment Act. Again, American’s claim, “it could never happen here,” arises.  It happened in England, and it was subtle. You could choose to hand over firearms to police stations and be exempt from penalty. In large part, a law like this works because it eliminates any kind of “gun culture” – it stigmatizes and demonizes inanimate objects. If you cannot take your kids to the range because you will be arrested for “possessing an illegal firearm,” it doesn’t matter whether they are tucked away in your house somewhere; gun ownership is rendered dead within a decade.

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We saw media outcry following the horrific actions of two deranged individuals, Jared Loughner and James Holmes, with guns taking the brunt of the attention but not the evil PEOPLE behind them. It was the perfect opportunity for the President to use his rehearsed line, “I also share your belief that weapons that were designed for soldiers in war theatres don’t belong on our streets.” Under that logic, the founding fathers should have given up their “instruments of war”, black powder muskets, and never even written the 2nd Amendment. Different era—different arm, but the same principle remains: YOUR freedom.

Another counterpoint, “they will never know what guns I have, there is no gun registration in the United States.” Think again my friends. If you bought a firearm after 1986, it is registered with the federal government. Technically, the ATF can only request a Federal Firearms Licensee’s 4473 form (the form you fill out every time you purchase a firearm)  if they are investigating an illegal crime, but here is where the executive offices anti-gun agenda comes into play again. About a year ago ATF agents in Anchorage went around requesting lists of those who purchased firearms. Most dealers complied out of fear, despite not being legally obligated to do so. Remember Obama’s line, “We are working on gun control…under the radar”? Here it is folks.  And the consequences of this activity remain “under investigation”. This reeks of “gun owner registration”.

So all this begs the question, “What am I supposed to do?” All I can say is never let your guard down when it comes to politicizing guns and gun culture. We have a tremendous challenge ahead of us and I am very sad to say that the next 4-15 years are going to be the closest we have ever come to seeing the 2nd Amendment gutted. Not all at once, but with a series of small “reasonable/commonsense” restrictions. The executive branch has made it clear what their agenda is, and they will make a much longer lasting impression on federal courts across the country through the nomination of anti-gun judges, and ultimately through the Supreme Court.  On an individual level, take your friends and family for a fun, responsible day of shooting. Educate and defend your rights in all forums—from the dinner table, to the office, to the national stage. Be loud, be vocal, and never give up.


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