Embrace the Extreme: 10 Tips for Women Who Hunt

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Hunting can be very strenuous, extremely challenging, and often times disappointing.     However, it is also, exciting, thrilling, and so much fun.  Otherwise why would we put so much effort in to it?  Some of my favorite memories are out hunting with my girlfriends, and girls know exactly how to have fun.  I’ve been on multiple hunts with just the girls, and those are the hunts that I laughed the most, bonded the most, and felt the most accomplished.

One of my favorite memories is of me and my girlfriend driving all night to get to “our hunting spot”, sleeping for two hours, then getting up before light to saddle horses, load our packs, and hit the trail.  She and I packed in over eight miles all alone.  I promise we were looking for deer all the way, but I would be lying if I said we were being careful about it.  We laughed and joked, and told stories all the way up the mountain.  We stopped a few times to pull the binos up, but I’m sure we managed to miss spotting most of the deer.

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Once we arrived to where we planned to set up camp, we hobbled the horses and decided to glass for awhile.   I left her glassing in one spot, and I hiked around to another spot.  I couldn’t believe my eyes when I spotted four bucks bedded down together.  I ran back and got my friend and rushed back to where I had seen them.  There was one problem, the deer were 500 yards away in a completely open basin.  We had no cover.   We could see that the bucks were not the giants we had hoped to find, but since it was the last weekend of the hunt, we decided they were perfect for us.

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