ENTIRE Police Department Escorts Teen to Prom… Why Will MELT Your Heart

When you become a police officer, you aren’t just gaining a job, but a family as well.

Then things like this happen.

An entire police department in Riverside, California escorted the daughter of a fallen officer to her prom.

Rachel Jacobs, 17, is the daughter of Detective Doug Jacobs, who died in the line of duty when Rachel was only 6-months-old. That’s right, you are family, even 16 and a half years later.

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To Rachel’s surprise, Detective Jacobs’ colleagues showed up at her house with a full police escort, including an air unit to give her and her date an incredible send-off.

The officers also gave her date “a talking-to” before giving the couple the grand send-off.

The police department’s Aerial Support Division, also known as “Air 1,” captured the moments on camera with a flyover view of the occasion.

Other police departments around the country have extended the same courtesy for other teenagers attending their proms.



What an amazing story. And there are plenty others just like it out there!


In 2016, the Tarpon Springs Police Department in Palm Harbor, Florida did the same thing for a daughter of one of their fallen officers.

And the Fort Kent Police Department in Maine escorted two special needs students to their prom because one of the students was an “honorary police officer” with the department by riding with officers in the patrol cars.

Police officers are family, through and through.


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