Environmentalists are Ruining the Environment

treehuggersEnvironmentalists are ruining the environment.

Earth day. 1970. It was predicted that humans were causing an imminent ice age by blocking the sun with our pollution. We had to stop polluting or we would all die from starvation. Paul Ehrlich predicted hundreds of millions would die by the late 70’s if something wasn’t done. To appease the outcries of the enviro-mentalists, Nixon formed the Environmental Protection Agency.

After bringing the people to a frenzy about the Doom of the Ice Age, the skies began to clear, and they needed another rally-cry. Suddenly posters start going up, rallies start forming, media starts broadcasting the Doom of Acid Rain! It was said that sulfuric acid would eat away all the buildings and kill all the trees and plant life, and anything unfortunate enough to be caught out in the rain. As a result, strict sulfur dioxide standards were put into place as an effort to slow and stop the spread of acid rain, and extreme limits were placed on the amount of sulfur that can be emitted into the air (also an effort to kill the coal industry). The technology used to reduce acid rain and particulates resulted in a significant increase in co2 emissions.

Since then we have almost eliminated all of the air pollutants that would have blocked the sun and caused the Ice Age, so wouldn’t they expect a little warming? The Ice Age has been avoided so the Earth is warming, the skies are clearing and eliminating the possibility of acid rain. But now we are all going to die from global warming, which they are blaming on co2! But don’t fear, there is a “practical” solution: inject sulfur dioxide into the air to reflect sunlight and ultimately stop global warming.

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If this is someone’s sick idea of a joke, I’m still waiting for the punchline.

We are spending billions of dollars to take sulfur out of emissions, then we spend billions of dollars mining for sulfur for farmers to put on their land because the soil is sulfur deficient, and mining for alkali because of the lack of acid rain. Burning hydrocarbons to mine, transport, and spread sulfur, now we are going to burn more hydrocarbons, and more CO2 emissions, to find sulfur so we can release it into the air, to prevent global warming? Sorry, I mean “Climate Change,” since the Earth’s warming stopped over 16 years ago and is now cooling slightly.

Hurry! If we act fast and throw billions of dollars at it we can take credit for successfully avoiding Global warming.


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