EPIC: Bully at School Gets Beating of Lifetime by Jiu-Jitsu Kid [VIDEO]

Parents, this is what you want to see if your kid is ever confronted by a bully.

One kid is minding his business talking to a friend when some punk, who is slightly bigger and probably older, comes up and pushes him.

Not taking this attack lightly, the kid who was pushed drops his bags and gets into a fighting stance.

What happens next is EPIC!

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The bullied child unleashes several punches and kicks, then takes the bully to the ground.

Several more blows were applied and finally the fight ended in an armlock.

That’s when other kids intervened…and what happened next was even more awesome.

The kids who broke up the fight and saw what had occurred didn’t scold the bullied child for sticking up for himself…

They gave him hugs, said ‘that was awesome’ and even high-fived him.

Now if any teacher was around, its certain the child protecting himself would have been expelled and in as much as trouble as the bully would be.

Isn’t that messed up?


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