Epic Fail: When a Thug ‘Accidentally’ Attacks a Special Forces Soldier, Things Don’t Go Well for the Guy [VIDEO]

TUCSON – Maen Mdanat doesn’t put up with any shenanigans.

As the owner of Axis Food Mart on Broadway near Campbell, he shows would-be thieves who’s boss. Check out this video that was caught on camera.

So you know when trouble is walking in your door? “Oh yes, you sense it right away,” says Mdanat.

Judging by a surveillance tape clip, the nickname fits.

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Around 1:30 Saturday morning Maen says a would-be thief entered his store, asking his clerk for cash.

“I could hear him talking, saying money, and my clerk was here,” says Maen pointing to his TV monitor.

Recognizing trouble, Maen says he came out of his office, showed the suspect the door and was sucker punched.

Little did the man know, Maen trained with an Army Special Forces Unit.

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