EPIC: New US Ship Designed to DESTROY Kimberly Jong-un’s Missiles

Looks like we might just be avoiding WWIII after all.

This new navy vessel is state-of-the-art and ready for action!

It is designed to intercept ballistic missiles and is set for testing a little later this month.

Via the Daily Mail: The MV Pacific Collector detects the missile via GPS and shoots out a vehicle which smashes into a warhead in mid-flight to disable it. 

Known as ground-based mid-course defense, the ship is in port at Aloha Tower in Hawaii for a key upcoming ballistic missile defense test.

The news comes as North Korea test-launched a ballistic missile that flew for half an hour and reached an altitude of 1,240 miles before landing in the Sea of Japan – a flight pattern that could indicate a new type of missile.

The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reported that the ship, measuring 393 feet long and housing 24-foot antennas, will be used in support of missions from the US Missile Defense Agency missions.

That is a whole lot of metal ready to destroy any of North Korea’s advances!

Admiral Harry Harris, head of US Pacific Command, warned Congress that the country’s leader, Kim Jong Un, ‘is clearly in a position to threaten Hawaii today’.

Currently, the US has 36 ground-based interceptors placed in Alaska and California to theoretically protect the US from a nuclear missile attack.

That number will increase to 44 this year. 

However, in December, a Pentagon weapons testing office rated the $40 billion system as having low reliability.  

Do you think it will come to that point where America is in war with North Korea?

Will World War III be just around the corner?

Give us your thoughts below.


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