WATCH: Female ISIS Captives Remove Their Veils and BURN Them

This is what TRUE feminism is! These women are no longer in the clutches of ISIS. They will no longer be told to cover up. They will no longer be looked at as objects. They are taking their freedom back!

Rudaw English posted this video on twitter, capturing a most prolific moment for these group of ISIS captives. All women and children, the ladies are seen celebrating their freedom from captivity.

How so?

They remove their veils and burn them to defy their oppressive captors! Talk about a true act of feminism.

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‘The women, with sheer joy on their faces, remove their veils, once mandated by their rulers, and begin to set them aflame. The women are also seen smoking cigarettes and cheering over their newfound freedom,’ reports the Daily Wire.

The children in the video can also be seen celebrating, eating fruit, singing and dancing.




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