European Court of Human Rights: On The Other Side of Crazy for Islam

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As the West continues its craven cower at the feet of the tyrannical system known as Islam, every-so-often they display the cracks in their cowardly cranium as they have once again reached the other side of crazy…

The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) told France this week that delays in bringing detained Somali pirates before a judge were unacceptable. The eight pirates were arrested after attacking two French ships on separate occasions back in 2008 off the Somali coast.

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The ECHR said French authorities were wrong to keep the pirates in custody for an additional 48 hours after arriving on French soil, instead of “promptly” presenting them before a judge. Basically, these Muslim thugs should have been presented “without delay” to a judge when they arrived on French territory.

So, now France must pay EACH of these thieves 5,000 euros (about $6,200) for “moral damages”. The Strasbourg-based court said the delay comprised a “violation of their rights to freedom and security.”

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